Sweat slimming cream 60g
Sweat slimming cream 60g
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Sweat slimming cream 60g

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Beauty treatment at home.

The sweating action of natural plant ingredients and tightening skin ingredients tightens the skin, helps promote the burning of accumulated fat, and can be expected to suppress fat production by increasing the body's metabolism and blood circulation. This cream maximizes perspiration and fat turnover during exercise.

1. This product contains natural botanicals and firming skin ingredients. Safe, gentle and non-irritating. Penetrates deep layers of the body quickly.
2. The sweating action can be expected to burn fat and crush the fat layer of the body, helping to reduce large cellulite. Fat particles speed up your metabolism, are excreted with your metabolism, and may inhibit fat production.
3. The process of fat removal is expected to tighten the skin, sag the skin, lift the skin and eliminate cellulite, and help smooth the skin.
Four. During exercise, it speeds up metabolism and blood circulation, thereby speeding up fat excretion and maximizing perspiration and fat turnover.
Five. Excellent sculpting effect on the waist, legs, arms and abdomen, helping to create a beautiful and attractive body. Nourishes and softens skin. We aim for safe and effective slimming without the need for unreasonable diets, drugs or surgery.

Warm Touch/Body Shaping/Anti-Cellulite/Healthy Fat Burning

5 big obesity problems big belly/cellulite/saggy skin/thick thighs/thick arms

Charming curves of the whole body

Before use ⇒ 30 days later ⇒ 60 days later

Combining healthy diet and exercise is effective

Mild formula with safe active ingredients

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter Promotes body metabolism, accelerates fat consumption rate, helps the body consume saturated fat Sakura Someiyoshino cherry leaf extract Ceramide np

mild fat burning

Promotes fat burning, helps absorb excess fat consumption Effective weight loss/no dieting/hard to rebound/no surgery

science to lose weight

Fast-absorbing weight-loss ingredients Tighten skin Cherry blossom extract helps shrink pores, increase skin elasticity and firmness.
It breaks down the sugars absorbed by the lipolytic body and excretes them from the body, thereby forming fat and preventing it from being stored in the body.
Improves Metabolism Promotes the body's metabolism, accelerates fat consumption rate, and helps the body consume saturated fat.

exercise fitness

Before exercising, apply slimming cream to the skin and massage to coat all necessary areas.
The cream is activated by an increase in heart rate and is perfect during cardio, circuit and high interval training.

It feels warm when you massage your skin.

Product Name: Slimming Cream Net Weight: 60g/2.11fl.oz.
Key Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Prunus Idensis Leaf Extract, Amide Warp, Nicotinamide Firms the skin, accelerates the burning of fat accumulated under the skin, improves body circulation and blood circulation. It can be expected to improve circulation and help curb fat production. This cream maximizes perspiration and fat metabolism during exercise.

(how to use)

1. Apply the cream to the area you want to improve and massage to activate the cream.

2. After massage, cover with plastic wrap and leave for at least 30-50 minutes.

Lower leg: Massage from ankle to knee, if you have muscles, you can use the kneading technique to massage Thigh: Spiral massage from knee to the root of thigh, need to be massaged both inside and outside There are arms: Massage from the elbow. Massage your hands with even pressure Waist: Massage from your waist to your navel and pinch the fat around your waist to stimulate fat burning Abdomen: Massage your abdomen in a clockwise circular motion The above massage techniques It's a set of 3 times. We recommend doing 2 or more sets at a time until absorbed. You can choose to wrap it after the massage is complete and remove it after 10-15 minutes.
Note: Due to the different body types of people, the effect of use will vary from person to person. To enhance the effect of exercise, it is recommended to continue the massage every day. Discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.

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